Texas Catholic Correctional Ministers
The Catholic Dioceses of Texas

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"For I was in prison and you visited me." (Matthew 25)

Welcome. Whether you serve as a ministry volunteer, are an ex-inmate, or happen to be a family member of someone presently incarcerated in a correctional facility, we invite you to tour this site for information and resources that may assist you and answer important questions. On the pages of this web site, you will learn more about the Texas Catholic Correctional Ministry and how to locate and contact various related Catholic ministries in your area that may need your help as a volunteer or that can provide assistance if you are in need. Volunteers not only provide pastoral services to those who are locked up in our prisons and jails; they provide assistance and support to their families as well. The ministry does not stop there. Volunteers also reach out to the victims of crime and violence, as well as the families of law enforcement personnel; for crime and violence affect the entire Body of Christ in one way or another.


Pope Francis has declared this weekend a Jubilee for Prisoners as an end to the Year of Mercy.  He is visiting jails and offering Masses for prisoners.  We urge you to bring this to the attention of your Pastors and most importantly, to the inmates you serve.  They need to celebrate the fact that the entire Church is united in prayer with them, this weekend, Nov 5-6.  The Year of Mercy may be ending but the mercy of God endures forever.  

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