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"For I was in prison and you visited me." (Matthew 25)

Resources for Ex-Inmates

While the general orientation of this web site is for those who serve in various Catholic correctional ministries, the assistance provided by these ministries is not limited only to those families of inmates or to ex-inmates that are of the Catholic faith tradition.

If you have recently been released from a correctional institution, one of your most important sources for help and assistance will be a church in the community of your residence. This assistance can be both spiritual and material. Accordingly, to improve your chance of staying free and avoid being returned to prison, you should contact a church at your earliest opportunity following release. Should you wish to contact a Catholic church (parish) in your area of residence, this web site can provide information through the diocesan map page. Click on the diocese in your area. You will be directed to that diocese’s web site which will contain a listing and contact information of all the parishes located within its geographical boundaries. You may also obtain contact information and assistance through the criminal justice ministry of that diocese, which can be found in the listing below the state map.

In addition to parish-level support, there are a number of ministries and programs that operate on an inter-parish basis or at the diocesan level. These include the ministries identified on the Resources for Families page and others for which links have been provided at the Links and Documents page of this web site. There are other ministries and programs that are not listed on this web site, but whose services are offered by various parishes or organizations within your diocese. Again, to learn about these and other programs of support, you should contact a parish or church in your area of residence.



One of the foremost challenges faced by formerly incarcerated offenders is finding a job following their release.The problem they encounter is that many employers automatically deny consideration to released offenders simply because they have a past criminal record. In an effort to promote recognition of this social problem, the Criminal Justice Ministry of the Diocese of Austin in conjunction with the Travis County Commissioners Court has developed a video to encourage employers to consider interviewing formerly incarcerated persons for job openings that are available in their businesses.The video, which is just under 10 minutes in duration, can be viewed at this web site. 

Please consider showing this video to employers in your parish by either accessing the video's web site or you may request a DVD copy of the video by contacting us via the CONTACT US page of this web site.


Employment Resource Guide for Ex-Offenders:

Life after a felony conviction can be tough in that jobs can be hard to come by. What’s more, you don’t just want a job, you want a career and long-term stability. FISCAL TIGER publishes a comprehensive guide on its web site that not only shows how those with a criminal record can find and get a job, but also covers career advancement and personal finance tips.

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