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"For I was in prison and you visited me." (Matthew 25)

Resources for Families

Catholic Charities

Believing in the presence of God in our midst, Catholic Charities agencies and affiliates proclaim the sanctity of human life and the dignity of the person by sharing in the mission of Jesus given to the Church. To this end, Catholic Charities works with individuals, families and communities to help them meet their needs, address their issues, eliminate oppression, and build a just and compassionate society. The mission of Catholic Charities is to provide service and support to people in need, including food and housing, to advocate for justice in social structures, and to call the entire Church and other people of good will to do the same.

Finding Local Assistance and Services

Local Catholic Charities agencies provide help and create hope for over 9 million people each year regardless of religious, social, or economic backgrounds. To secure assistance, contact the nearest Catholic Charities agency in your community. Please note that many Catholic Charities agencies have branch and satellite offices throughout the area they serve. If the main office is located far from where you live, the agency may have other offices closer to you. Contact one of the offices within your state for information on other locations. You can also find information about the location and services provided by the Catholic Charities agency closest to you from the Catholic Charities USA website. Or, simply look for the "Catholic Charities” listing in your local White Pages. 


Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Inspired by Gospel values, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a Catholic lay organization that offers tangible assistance to those in need on a person-to-person basis. This aid may take the form of intervention, consultation, or often through direct dollar or in-kind service. An essential precept of the Society's work is to provide help while conscientiously maintaining the confidentiality and dignity of those who are served. The Society recognizes that it must assume, also, a role of advocacy for those who are defenseless or voiceless. Some 12 million persons are helped annually by Vincentians in the United States.

Finding Local Assistance and Services

To secure assistance, contact the nearest Catholic Church in your community and ask if they have a Society of St. Vincent de Paul Conference in their parish or know of one in the vicinity.  (To locate the Catholic parish in your community, click on the diocesan map at this web site and go to the parish listing for that diocese.) Or, simply look for the "Society of St. Vincent de Paul” listing in your local White Pages. You can also find information about the St. Vincent de Paul District or Diocesan Councils closest to you, including information concerning services, thrift stores and food pantries from the Council’s national website


The Gabriel Project

"Rejoice! Fear not!" were the words of encouragement and hope delivered by the Angel Gabriel to the Madonna in announcement of her unexpected pregnancy. The Gabriel Project works to deliver this same message of hope to pregnant women today. Its mission is to respect all life -- at any age, in any circumstance.

The Gabriel Project is profoundly committed not only to the unborn, but also to their mothers and fathers. It is a parish-based, "hands-on" program that offers immediate and practical help to any woman or man faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Local parishes assist women in need with friendship and coordinate their needs such as transportation for medical care, housing, food, material needs and baby needs. Local resources can sometimes meet these needs, but the Church acts as a safety net and assures the expectant mother that she will be cared for. If you are pregnant and need help or would like to help someone in need, the Gabriel Project is the place to come.

Finding Local Assistance and Services

To contact a Gabriel Project representative in your community, click on the diocesan map at this web site and go to the Respect Life ministry web page of the diocese located closest to you. You may also find a listing for “Gabriel Project” in your local White Pages or you may call toll-free 1-877-WE CARE 2 for assistance in locating an office closest to you.


Project Rachael

Project Rachel is the post-abortion healing ministry of the Catholic Church, open to anyone who is struggling after an abortion loss. This diocesan-based ministry operates as a network of healing composed of specially-trained caregivers which may include priests, deacons, sisters, lay staff and volunteers, mental health professionals, spiritual directors, mentors, chaplains and others, such as medical personnel. These individuals, often working as a team, provide direct care to women, men and adolescents who have been touched by an abortion loss, enabling them to grieve, receive forgiveness, and find peace. Although most dioceses use the name Project Rachel, some programs are named differently. In addition to individualized counseling, some programs include support groups and retreats. Project Rachel programs can be found in about 150 Catholic dioceses in the United States, as well as in dioceses in other countries.

Finding Local Assistance and Services

To contact a Project Rachel representative in your community, click on the diocesan map at this web site and go to the Respect Life ministry web page of the diocese located closest to you. You can also find contact information for the Project Rachel closest to you by clicking on the Texas state map on the Project Rachel national web site, or you may call toll-free 1-877-WE CARE 2 for assistance in locating an office closest to you. A single phone call or e-mail to a Project Rachel office puts you in touch with those who can help.


National Resource Center on Children and Families of the Incarcerated (NRCCFI

On any given day, there are an estimated 2 million children in America with at least one parent in prison or jail. NRCCFI at FCN is the oldest and largest organization in the U.S. focused on children and families of the incarcerated and programs that serve them.

The mission of NRCCFI is to raise awareness about the needs and concerns of the children of the incarcerated and their families by providing information that is informed by a combination of academic research and the experiences of the families and practitioners in the field in order to promote the creation of effective and relevant policies and practices in public and private systems.

We work to connect program providers, policy makers, researchers, educators, correctional personnel and the public with the families of the incarcerated for dialogue, advocacy, action and planning and we do this by:

1) convening local, regional and national meetings;
2) distributing information through our publications,
NRCCFI web site, and our speakers’ bureau;
3) providing training and technical assistance; and
4) advocating for family strengthening policies that uphold the values and needs of children of the        incarcerated and their families.

Financial Assistance for Single Moms

With the rising cost of living and with a stagnant minimum wage, many single mothers need assistance to get by. If you need assistance, you need not worry. Luckily, there are many programs and organizations aimed at providing help for single parents. The SingleMothersGrants web site provides information on financial assistance programs that help single mothers with rent, utility bills, child care, education, medication, housing, medical bills, and mortgage, among others.


Substance Abuse

Despite the health risks and the negative effects it causes in work and family relationships, substance abuse is a significant problem in the US, resulting in more deaths and disabilities each year than any other cause. Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is a problem for an estimated 20 million people in the United States alone, and over one hundred people die from drug overdoses every day.

Among the leading organizations that provide comprehensive help to those suffering from substance abuse or support to their loved ones are AddictionCenter.comAddictionResource.com, the American Society of Addiction Medicine, Drug Rehab Connections, DrugRehab.com, RehabCenter.net and StartYourRecovery.org.

AddictionCenter.com is a professional web guide that connects those struggling with addiction and families with recovery and treatment options.  By providing the most up-to-date information and support on substance abuse, addiction, and recovery options, Addiction Center can be the first step toward recovery and a rejuvenated life.

AddictionResource.com makes helpful and verifiable information available on substance abuse and addiction recovery as well as providing direction to the best sources of help, including The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

The American Society of Addiction Medicine is the leading professional society promoting drug abuse prevention and treatment through its representation of over 3,700 physicians, clinicians and associated professionals in the field of addiction medicine. 

Drug Rehab Connections is not a specific treatment facility, but an informational website that connects individuals and families that are battling addiction with the help and resources they need to put their lives back together. Drug Rehab Connections was founded by a group of individuals who know both sides of addiction, who understand the importance of recognizing addiction for what it truly is, and use that knowledge and experience to identify paths to rehab and recovery. On their web site, you will find information and support on different addictions and the recovery resources available to those battling addiction.

DrugRehab.com is a web resource provided by Advance Recovery Systems (ARS). ARS is an integrated behavioral health care management organization dedicated to the treatment of addiction, substance abuse, eating disorders and mental health issues. Its mission is to equip patients and families with the best information, resources and tools to overcome addiction and lead a lifelong recovery. 

Of particular concern is teen drug abuse. Drugs and alcohol have a greater effect on teens than on adults, and many teens don’t realize the long-term damage drugs have on their bodies.

In order to prevent teens from abusing drugs or help them recover from addiction, parents should understand drug addiction and the effects it has on kids. Advice for parents dealing with teenage drug abuse can be found at A Substance Abuse Guide for Parents

RehabCenter.net is a comprehensive web guide to quality rehab centers and addiction treatment. At RehabCenter.net you can find help for every step on your journey to recovery including helpful advice about family involvement, using health insurance to pay for rehab, avoiding relapses, and finding after-detox support groups. 

StartYourRecovery.org offers relatable information for people who are dealing with substance use issues -- and their family members, friends, and coworkers. Its stated goal is to offer people who are dealing with substance use issues a single source of reputable, objective information about signs, symptoms, conditions, treatment options, and resources -- presented in a user-friendly format and in language that's easy to understand. The information on their website represents current consensus-based knowledge from the field and has been carefully vetted by a team of mental and behavioral health experts. 



Alcoholism is said to be one of America’s greatest problems, and yet some 98% of people who need help from addiction to alcohol never receive it. It is estimated that there are around 240 million people addicted to alcohol worldwide.

The AlcoRehab web site provides free support and resources for people who are fighting an alcohol addiction and for their loved ones by sharing information about alcohol dependence and its effects. They believe that the best way to help and prevent alcoholism is by raising awareness of the dangers of alcohol dependence and addiction. Their stated goal is to provide the best guidance and support, and in doing so help those who need help to find and pursue their best treatment options. While not a treatment center, the AlcoRehab web site provides information from the most reliable and up-to-date sources to ensure that those who need help can find the best information quickly and easily.

AlcoholTreatment.net is an organization dedicated to helping individuals seek recovery from alcohol addiction. See the excellent article, Addiction Recovery and Inmate Populations, on this web site.

The Dangers of Drinking and Driving

Alcohol affects you in a way that changes your judgement, depth perception, as well as vital motor skills required to drive safely. It’s easy to think you are driving normally when truly you are not. When putting those keys in the ignition and driving away after drinking, you are not only putting your life at risk, but you are risking the lives of all those you come across while driving. When the police take notice you could be hit with a DUI/DWI.

There are serious repercussions when it comes to DUI, driving under the influence, or DWI, driving while intoxicated. Violators will be arrested and charged accordingly. Repeated offenses almost always result in a jail sentence. Is drinking and driving more important than your legal status or life?

The ultimate solution to this problem is to make the conscious choice not to drink and drive. You can protect your safety, that of your loved ones, and the loved ones of others by not drinking and driving. For help and further information on the dangers of drinking and driving, visit the web site, QuitAlcohol.com.

QuitAlcohol.com is an initiative with the Alcohol Abuse Counsel and a trained group of volunteers. Alcoholism is a widely spread disease and the team at QuitAlcohol.com offers guidance and support about the problem by distributing non-promotional, high quality information that the general public can use to make an educated decision concerning alcohol consumption. 

Tobacco and Smoking

Along with substance abuse, smoking is one of the most detrimental things to a person’s overall health and well-being – the chemicals and compounds in tobacco adversely affect every system in the body. The Center for Disease control estimates that nearly 480,000 premature deaths can be attributed to tobacco abuse in the US every year. This is roughly 1 out of 5 deaths – but it doesn’t stop there. For every fatality, there are 30 people battling at least one serious medical condition that is related to tobacco. Other factors adversely affected by smoking include not only your health and appearance, but your finances, your lifestyle, those around you, and the environment.

Among the organizations that can provide help in quitting smoking is Tobacco-Free Life (TFL). TFL is a resource for smoking cessation founded by anti-smoking advocates in collaboration with tobacco control experts and smoking cessation professionals and with feedback from ex-smokers. TFL aims to end tobacco-related diseases and death by taking action to educate the public and collaborate with government officials to encourage sensible public policies at the national and global levels. Its mission is to protect human lives from smoking-related diseases through research, education and advocacy. 


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